Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Richard and Robert Sherman's delightful lyric, 'a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down', from the movie Mary Poppins doesn't exactly describe the experience of getting Annie to take her medicine. It does describe the subterfuge used to get her to take her pills.

Pill Pockets generally work unless the smell factor of the medication in question is high. If Annie can sniff it out she won't eat the treat. This happens all the time with antibiotics. I can only conclude the antibiotic stinkiness factor is high. Peanut butter worked until the industry lowered the hardness factor. When peanut butter was so thick it ripped bread during the spreading process that was the perfect consistency for hiding pills. The more spreadable peanut butter on the market today works with pieces of pills so small that a lick of the treat will be sufficient for Annie to consume it at once. If the pill is too large you need more peanut butter around it; the dog licks and viola, the peanut butter is gone but the pill is still on the plate!  Enter cream cheese; guaranteed to entice Annie every time.

Whatever you use, the best way to dispense pills is by following the steps outlined here:

Step 1:  Assemble your tools (plate, butter knife, pill cutter), cream cheese and medications.

What you will need.

Step 2:  If the pills are large cut them with the pill cutter.

Step 3:  Cut cream cheese into bite size pieces (one piece for each pill).

Step 4:  Place one pill piece in the center of each piece of cream cheese without touching the edges of the cream cheese with your fingers or the pill.

Step 5: Wash your hands thoroughly before continuing. This will prevent the transfer of the medicine smell to the outside of the cream cheese wrapping. Cut additional pieces of cream cheese to cover each pill then press the edges down firmly to seal.

Step 6: Serve to one very happy patient!

Thanks Mom for the great treats!

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