Saturday, May 10, 2014


Just when I thought life was uneventful, Annie became particularly finicky about food. She's always been a bit of a picky eater but I've never had her refuse all food. Her finicky behavior is unpredictable too. Annie will eat well for a day or two then sit in front of her food bowl staring at it as if she were being punished.

We thought we had the issue solved when she was given anti-nausea medicine for an upset stomach and reluctance to eat the beginning of April. After that doctor visit, the medicine and a change of diet her eating improved. Now it appears we are back to square one.

We paid another visit to the doctor earlier this week in which we completely covered what's been going on since the last visit - all the unusual food behavior and the fact that otherwise Annie is acting completely normal.  Dr. Young reviewed Annie's blood and urine work with us.  We were surprised and thrilled to learn all her values are perfect.  Each one falls within that value's mid-range. Dr. Young said she liked to believe this is because of the home cooking/raw diet we feed Annie.

Instead of attempting to explain what goes on at mealtimes, Artie videotaped the two meals Annie had previous to our office visit. After looking at the footage then examining and interacting with Annie Dr. Young felt her issue is dental in nature. Arthur and I were hoping this was the problem. Annie's gum is receding over one of her upper canines and the area is a bit red. She also doesn't want anyone touching her in that area. The other dental issue is an area of gum overgrowth which also causes discomfort. Any wonder why she's not eating well.

I've been hand and/or spoon feeding her basically we're doing anything that will work. Annie is scheduled for dental surgery this Wednesday pending results of x-rays and an ultrasound. We're hoping the dental work will correct the problem and we can settle down to an uneventful summer after we take Orphée in for his checkup and microchip implantation.

Relaxing, totally oblivious to what she's putting her parents through.

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