Friday, July 26, 2013


Photo from John & Schoep's Facebook page.

Back in November of last year I posted about the bond between a dog owner, John Unger and his arthritic canine, Schoep. A photo of John cradling his 19 year old dog in Laake Superior went viral on the internet. Because of this picture, donations poured in and John was able to afford additional medical treatment to manage Schoep's condition.

The result: improved quality of life for Schoep during his last year. Sadly, Schoep died recently. My condolences go out to John Unger who was a wonderful caretaker and friend to his canine companion. Schoep was lucky to have John in his life.

Are there life lessons to be learned from this? Most definitely there are.

  • We should go to any lengths to help a friend, human or otherwise.
  • The human animal bond can be strong and beautiful.
  • Retelling Schoep's story is a wonderful way to teach children compassion and how to treat others.
  • Pet parents should never be afraid to explore alternative therapies for their furry family members.
  • All life is precious.

For the picture that spoke a thousand words heard 'round the world and Schoep's story go to Facebook:

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