Sunday, July 7, 2013


Buddy's possessions are still squirreled away in various spots about my apartment. After all this time it is very hard to let go although I have to admit I've made some progress by passing along to Orphée the items Buddy never used. I can only guess that cats are a bit more discerning where proffered gifts are concerned unlike dogs who are thrilled with just about anything presented to them.

Orphée's taste is totally different than his predecessor's - Orphée has wholeheartedly embraced Buddy's rejects. I started with a few toys Buddy really had little interest in. Orphée delights in batting them about the house, pouncing on them, kicking them with his back feet and biting them. He definitely enjoys them.

The big breakthrough came when I passed along a cat igloo Buddy never even acknowledged as existing let alone belonging to him. Orphée was thoroughly intrigued by it.  His love of close quarters immediately enticed him into the cramped interior of the igloo. He sniffed the base, licking and biting the fabric as he familiarized himself with his new possession no doubt intrigued by Buddy's lingering smell remaining from the first and only time Buddy was placed inside.

A plump mouse hanging from the roof was pulled from his cord faster than you can read this sentence. With the mouse tucked under his chest, Orphée settled in and made the igloo his own. It now occupies an out-of-the-way spot under my vanity. Orphée has taken to dive-bombing from my bed into the igloo and reversing the process back to the bed as if he'd been shot from a canon. In short, he's gotten more use out of the igloo in 10 days than Buddy did in 10 years.

In turn, Orphée is more relaxed and fast becoming an integrated member of the family. We are definitely seeing a whole new Orphée.

After the initial inspection. Note the mouse behind the front paw.

Hey, this ain't half bad!

See the string where the mouse hung?

He likes it! Now to get him out so i can move it to its permanent location.

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