Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I realized I haven't posted about my feral cats in quite awhile.  Silver Grey (we've since rechristened her Mom) and her daughter (with the white tip on her tail) show up regularly for dinner. The small black cat comes every evening and sometimes in the early morning hours.

Sadly, I have not seen Brother (the medium grey tuxedo) for months now. Brother was ear-tipped when he first arrived for meals so I hope he decided to return to his original colony or has found another group to join.

There are a few charcoal grey cats that come around. And there is Porch Guy who disappeared for a period of time but has returned. For a feral, he is surprisingly friendly. He doesn't flinch when you come near him or move suddenly. In fact, he will come up to you and he waits patiently for his dinner to be served.  He lost a bit of weight but is slowly putting it back on. Porch Guy lives in the shelter on my front porch most of the time. In fact, he spent last winter sheltering there every night.

I need to get a picture of him for another post but so far I haven't been successful. I've started to supplement the dry cat food with whatever Annie and Orphée leave over. I add healthy powder, oil and scrambled eggs along with the occasional serving of tuna or salmon and fish juices. I give them chicken and chicken juices too.

Everyone seems to be doing fine.

One of my charcoal grey cats.  Not Porch Guy who has an angular face.

Relaxing on top of the winter shelter.


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