Thursday, July 4, 2013


Will we celebrate Independence Day today? You bet! And in more than one way.

All of a sudden everything fell into place - by everything I mean we are now functioning as a family. Orphée is almost 100% comfortable with all of us.  He is only slightly hesitant around Annie.  He no longer takes swipes or hisses at her. He now talks to us a little which is nice considering Buddy talked incessantly and I really miss that interaction. Orphée follows me around sometimes, runs away from me less than before and actually plays with me.

There were two major breakthroughs - now he licks Artie after a grooming session and he is spending part of the night sleeping on my bed with me and Annie.

From time to time Orphée will stop and smell Annie's face as he passes by her. For the most part, Annie is calmer around Orphée.  She no longer detours if he is in her path of travel and she simply turns her face if he walks past her instead of jumping up or running away.

All these changes have made for pure bliss.  It's so peaceful I can't believe I'm living in the same house. I feel positively liberated. So does Artie and I bet Annie and Orphée do too.

So today we celebrate - our nation's independence and our coming together as a family. Enjoy the holiday! We're going to enjoy ours.

Happy 4th of July!

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