Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm a fan of Anderson Cooper and an occasional watcher of his talk show. Artie saw adorable little Chris P. Bacon with Anderson yesterday then urged me to google the little piglet which I did and promptly fell in love!

What an adorable little guy! And one lucky little porker! Chris P. was born with malformed legs that do not function. He has a set of handicapped wheels to help him on his journey through life. Chris also has his own website, blog, Facebook and Pintrest pages. And he's on Twitter as well as YouTube.

Called to euthanize the little guy because of his deformity, Dr. Len Lucero adopted him instead. This is a great human (?) interest story or pig story. Anyway you look at it Chris P. Bacon was lucky to cross paths with Dr. Lucero. And Chris P.'s just too adorable for words!

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