Friday, June 21, 2013


Wednesday was an extremely busy day for us. Annie had her 3-month visit with Dr. Cohen, her Oncologist at VERG and her annual checkup at Hope Vet. Yes, it definitely was a busy day.

The Oncologist was happy to see Annie. Her sweet disposition makes Annie a favorite wherever she goes. She also is very well-behaved in the examining room.  Loving all the attention, she even holds still for temperature taking and rectal exams. 

Two other doctors saw her along with the Oncologist. A complete physical was done; we were questioned thoroughly about her activity level, appetite, behavior and our observations of the various lumps. Then the team of doctors took Annie for a series of x-rays. Fifteen minutes later Annie was back with us. Now began the wait for the results.

Anxiety levels were running high concerning this exam.  Six months have passed since the second operation and both of us were sweating this one out. The 15 minute wait seemed like an eternity. Dr. Cohen returned and with a big smile gave us the news we were hoping for - everything looked fine. No tumors were apparent on the x-rays; Annie's lungs and other organs were OK.  What a sense of relief Artie and I felt as we reviewed the x-rays with the doctor. We made the next 3-month appointment then headed off to Annie's second appointment.

Two appointments in one day is such a departure from our daily routine and our girl loved her adventure. VERG and Hope Vet are in walking distance from each other. The day was clear, bright and cool so we took advantage of the weather and walked to the second appointment.

Annie was in dog heaven! A long walk on new streets with many new and interesting smells, what more could she ask for? She sniffed along, walking excitedly, enjoying it all. Her second appointment went well. We dropped the ball on her heart-worm medications so blood work had to be done. She had her rabies shot and our excursion was finished - all except for the trip home.

It seemed as if we arrived home with a completely different dog. Annie is the soul of simplicity at heart, not needing much to make her happy. A change of scenery and a different route to walk produced a Zen-like tranquility in her that lasted into the next day. And the human members of our family were grateful for the good news.  We can focus on the next quarter with confidence in Annie's ability to be a survivor with the help of her family and doctors.

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