Sunday, December 2, 2012


This is our first Christmas without Buddy and holiday time brings more and more memories of him to mind.  Today is his 9-month anniversary.

Cooking for the holidays reminds me of having to literally climb over both Buddy and Annie anytime turkey was on the menu. I've written about this before, turkey was his favorite; it is Annie's favorite as well. Any other food item, be it fish, fowl or pork, would always elicit a sniff or two at the oven door except for turkey. Turkey always demanded a vigil - sitting by the oven door, sniffing expectantly and patiently waiting for the bird to emerge. Nothing else rated such attention.

Gifts also bring back memories. Annie loves to stick her head in bags to sniff out her presents.  Buddy always remained aloof and indifferent to his gifts unless they were packages of Pounce (the soft variety) which were his favorite indulgence throughout his time with us.

I'm also forever grateful to Buddy for not being the least bit impressed by our Christmas trees, decorations or packages. Never once did he climb, inspect, scratch, bite or knock over any Christmas-related paraphernalia beyond a cursory sniff to determine if the item warranted his interest. Obviously nothing of a holiday nature did.

The holidays and the colder weather bring back memories of Buddy cuddling with Annie, sleeping on the nearest convenient lap or chest (mine or Artie's) under our throws or just by himself, commandeering the recliner, huddled in a bunch of blankets.

Without a doubt the holidays will be bittersweet this year. At least there are happy memories to cherish and possibly a new cat with which to share our home.

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