Monday, December 3, 2012


Every day I take a break to read and answer emails. Once I'm done with my electronic mail, I always make it a point to catch up with what's happening by reading MSN News. Today's news had 2 interesting articles.

A man received a call informing him that his beloved dog, who went missing 7 years ago had been found, identified by the microchip implanted under his skin. This is truly amazing and a happy ending but way to long in terms of years to its resolution.

Every since I can remember, a standard joke in the news industry has been "Dog Bites Man, that's not news but Man Bites Dog, that's news!" Man Bites Dog has always typified the hunt for an unusual story or a  typical story with an unusual twist.

Well, apparently it's happened - a man bit a police dog Down Under and (I love this part of the story) the canine officer retaliated by biting the perpetrator in self defense.  

I wonder what else will turn up in the news?

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