Friday, December 14, 2012


I haven't posted about this issue since I'm finding it hard to deal with. Annie has a lump on her left side near the last rib. Recently, the lump has gotten very large after being small for a long time.

The doctor and the both of us have been keeping an eye on it but now it needed to be checked again. After rescheduling our appointment 3 times due to circumstances beyond everyone's control, we finally kept our visit yesterday morning.

Annie was given a thorough exam. Dr. Young was happy to see Annie maintaining her weight. Annie's teeth are fine; no need for deep cleaning. Her temperature was fine; her ears clean. Her eyes were checked and nothing needs to be done for her cataract at this time. The lump, however, needed to be checked. Annie was given Benadryl as a mild sedative and we were instructed to wait about 20 to 30 minutes for it to kick in.

Honestly, Artie and I thought the Benadryl would never work; Annie is such a ball of never-ending energy, a regular whirling dervish but to our complete and utter surprise she started to appear a bit subdued at the 20-minute mark. One of the Vet Techs took her and a needle aspiration was performed.

We are waiting for the results.  My brother is convinced the lump is benign; I'm fearful it will be cancerous and we will be faced with losing Annie less than a year after losing Buddy. This is the hard part of loving and taking a pet into your heart and home.

I'm trying desperately not to think about the results. Instead I'm trying to keep positive but it's hard. All I can hope for is a Christmastime gift of a clean bill of health for my Annie.  

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