Sunday, September 1, 2013


Generally, I don't write about political issues but I couldn't let the Joe Lhota/kittens escapade pass without commenting. In my opinion, Joe Lhota has proved himself a better candidate for the title of Scrooge than Mayor of New York City.

Once again New Yorkers proved they will do anything to save a life, in this case, the lives of a couple of adorable kittens. The little guys were playing hooky and playing on the tracks. The MTA cut power to the third rail ending Brooklyn B and Q line service for more than two hours until the four-legged juvenile delinquents were corralled.

Suspending service to remove the kittens from the tracks was not something Joe Lhota would have done. A pity the man who wants to be our next Mayor isn't familiar with the duties of the office he so actively seeks. Has he not heard of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals? It's only been in existence for 10 years. There are many initiatives promoted by the Mayor's Alliance among them aid for victims of domestic violence and their pets, adoptions, spay/neuter programs and the NYC Feral Cat Initiative!

How can anyone seeking the office of Mayor not be concerned about kittens when the city has a program in place to improve the lives of strays and ferals? I wonder what percentage of voters are rethinking their Mayoral choice.

New Yorkers love an underdog or in this case under-cats. Read up on the Mayor's Alliance and get involved in helping our less fortunate furry New Yorkers like August and Arthur. 

Only in New York and only in Brooklyn... 

Photo from NBC News 4 New York.

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