Sunday, September 15, 2013


Everyone is happy with Annie's new collar (me, Artie, Annie) except Orphee.  Being a cat he couldn't care either way. My part 2 post was quite long so I decided to save Annie's formal portrait for today's post. The green and gold of the collar flatters her coloring. My sweetie looks adorable in her new collar.

Now I'm toying with redoing her gold stone heart charm one more time and repairing her predecessor Roger's St. Francis medal to add to her collar. Why are my dogs so hard on their possessions?

Orphee, for the time being, is safe from my need to DIY. He has a store bought collar I let out and restitched. After getting it home I discovered it was too small for him.  It wasn't a small collar, he's a big cat! Who knows, maybe someday I'll make him a new collar but he'll have to destroy the current one first.

Annie sleeping peacefully all decked out in her new collar.

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