Friday, August 23, 2013


Because my last post was about treating already diagnosed feline renal failure this post will alert you to those signs that point to the possibility of renal failure. Remember, cats are very good at hiding illness. They need to be in order to survive in the wild.

If your cat is drinking and urinating more, vomiting, has pale gums and/or is less active a trip to the Veterinarian is in order.

Renal failure develops in cats as they get older. Keeping track of your cat's general well-being, behavior and toileting habits is a key factor in early diagnosis. Most renal failure is detected once the disease has progressed and a major amount of the kidneys are compromised.

Each symptom can point to other illnesses such as urinary tract infection, upset stomach, anemia so don't play doctor! Instead, err on the side of caution and make that visit to your Veterinarian! Your cat will be healthier for it.

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