Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The big day finally arrived Monday and Orphee was off on his second adventure this time to be neutered.  We dropped him off by 8:30 AM. After going through what would be done and what we had by way of a medical history, we were instructed to return for him between 5 and 6 PM.

Artie and I used the opportunity to vacuum and wash the hallway stairs and floor. We emptied and disinfected his litter box, filling it with fresh litter. Then we settled in to wait. I discovered I really missed him being around even though he only hangs out in the outer hallway. Artie felt the same. Annie kept looking for him as well which was funny because he won't let her get near him.

We picked him up, received instructions for his care, found out he did fine and were told repeatedly what a handsome guy he is. They also couldn't get over how big he is. At last weigh-in Orphee was 14 lbs. Needless to say, Orphee was a bit groggy from the anesthesia. When we arrived home we put the case on our couch to let Annie and Orphee get to see each other eyeball to eyeball and to smell each other. That went well.

Orphee surprised us by calling us after he used his litter box (apparently he decided it needed to be cleaned). He also sat upright outside the apartment door looking inside. Artie brought him in and walked him through each room allowing him to get a good look at 'the lay of the land', hoping he will become more at ease with his new surroundings. Then we placed him on the floor.

He surprised us by slowly walking to the apartment hallway and hanging out there for awhile before deciding to head back to the outer hall and his stairs. He also surprised me by crying very loudly for food; something he never did before.

By the end of the evening he was fully alert but surprisingly exhibiting more of what is probably his real personality. Orphee is getting comfortable with us and coming into his own. We're thrilled.

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