Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Did I ever think for one minute Orphee's surgery would be the only issue to deal with Monday? If I did then I was to be sorely mistaken.

It was an extremely busy day. We had to travel to the clinic to drop Orphee off and then again to pick him up. Breakfast out at a local diner then some grocery shopping just so the trip would accomplish more than delivering Orphee for his surgery then home. We did some housework in the intervening hours then made the trip again to pick up our patient.

We monitored him for the rest of the evening, fed Annie, did chores and headed off to bed at 2 AM, a very long day indeed. Annie would not settle down so I let her out and to my horror she passed bloody urine. She began to whimper and seemed very tense and uncomfortable. By 3 AM we were at the 24 hour Emergency Veterinary Service.

Thankfully, we were the only emergency - no other pets or pet owners just an empty waiting room. We were led to an examining room where a Vet Tech did a workup and we awaited the doctor. By now Annie was really crying and begging to be petted. I knew it was serious because Annie LOVES going to the doctor. It is an exciting adventure for her filled with new sights, new sounds, new smells and above all new animals to see and new people to make friends with.

The doctor examined her, asked questions and I could tell that her recent cancer surgery and the possibility of it spreading were on his mind although he didn't voice it. By 4 AM we were back home with antibiotics and painkillers, instructions on how to administer the meds, what to watch for and a reminder to take her to her doctor one week after finishing the medicine, sooner if her symptoms worsened.

I opened the door to the inner hall to find a note informing us Orphee picked our departure as the time to move into my apartment.  There in the Living Room was Artie asleep in the recliner with Orphee in his lap. Annie was only interested in going back out; totally ignoring him as she headed for the back door.

After wrapping her pills in boiled chicken and managing to get some of her medicine in her, I put her to bed then lay next to her. Covering her up and throwing a heavy bathrobe over myself, we fell asleep for a few hours. Orphee headed for the front stairs when Artie left for work at 6:30 AM. I left with him, heading for a local Mom & Pop store to purchase a jar of peanut butter - a surefire fixer-upper to get Annie to take her pills without a battle.

The peanut butter did the trick and with the remainder of her pills ingested both Annie and I went back to sleep to try to recoup from the evening's emergency.

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