Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's been a typical winter week. Both Annie and I have been under the weather with human and doggie colds.  When that happens we sleep in, cuddle, listen to music, read and above all, Annie receives plenty of hugs, pats and massages which she thoroughly loves.

Orphee is still staking claim to the outer hall, but he comes to the apartment door more often now. The door is left open in the evenings even though he doesn't come across the threshold. We're hoping his curiosity will get the better of his fear of Annie and he will begin exploring new space. As soon as his neuter surgery is done that will change; Artie and I intend to begin a regimen of getting him adjusted to being in an apartment.

Also, there is the matter of Annie's end-of-the-year cancer surgery.  The initial surgery is now about 2 months behind us and I'm ready to write about this episode in depth.  I intend to cover it in a few coming posts by documenting the events leading up to, during and after the surgeries as well as trying to set some proactive guidelines so others can possibly avoid what we went through. More on this shortly.

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