Monday, December 26, 2011


Well, it's the day after Christmas and we're back to normal.  I'm not continuing my narrative today either since I need a bit of downtime to recoup from all the pre-holiday activity.

Buddy is back to normal.  That means being a pest and waking me up very early to have his milk, eat and take his capsule but today I am back to coaxing him to finish the remaining half of his milk and all of his capsule contents.  He definitely would not eat all his food no matter what I did.  To top it all off, he didn't want to hold still for his IV but he eventually gave up and stayed until I was done.

Annie came in for a bit of bullying from Buddy when he decided that the sun-covered part of my bed wasn't big enough for the two of them to bask in.  Never mind that Annie got there first.  He just walked up to her and stood in front of her face then let loose with a litany of meows until she decided it was better to yield the spot to him.  Buddy promptly made himself comfortable and Annie was left to settle down on another part of the bed.

This scenario goes on often and I find it a bit perplexing with Annie being 42 lbs. and Buddy only 6 lbs.  I never understood why she just gives up the bed, chair or couch to him.  She even allows him to eat from her bowl on occasion, just standing there watching him and looking distressed about the fact that he decided that what was in her bowl was more interesting than what was in his.  All he ever does is meow at her or just stare at her and she caves.  He's never been aggressive but he always gets his way.  All I can think is that she can't stand to hear the constant talking as much as I can't stand it.  Buddy has always been very vocal and incredibly persistent - he just doesn't shut up until he gets what he wants.

I hear the click of nails on my hallway floor; I know it's Annie and she is looking to go out so I'm ending this post to spend some quality time with her and relax before we begin a regular day tomorrow.

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