Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's time to pick up Annie's story...

March 12th, the day of our scheduled doctor visit and Annie's acting OK.  Blood was drawn and urine was taken for testing.  A stronger one-week course of Clavamox was prescribed and we got through dispensing all of the pills by hiding them in peanut butter -which continued to work like a charm!  No battles and no missed pills.

Midweek, we made our follow-up call.  Annie's blood was perfect!  No underlying diseases indicated so far - the results ruled out diabetes and kidney stones.  The urine culture showed absolutely no signs of any infection.  This was all great news but there still was the issue of the battle of the meals (twice a day every day).  Annie continued to refuse to eat her meals but still scavenged garbage in the street, begged for our food and ate her own poop instead.  I wondered if this could be a mineral or vitamin deficiency.   My brother noticed that Annie was constantly licking her private parts - allergies? The doctor wanted a follow-up urine sample in two weeks and a stool sample now.

We scheduled a second follow up.  Annie was doing better at the time of the visit; no more signs of urinary infection.  However, I wasn't happy at all.  Sure, the emergencies were gone, the bleeding had stopped but Annie's energy level was at an all-time low.  She was fat but she wasn't eating well, she looked like she was retaining water, her coat was dull and rough and her eyes had lost their luster.  I was very distressed - my beautiful girl was looking and acting old but she was just eight!

My brother and I were at our wits' end.  There was only one road for us to go down so I made the decision to wean my babies off commercial food by cooking for them myself.  I had no idea what I was getting into.

For the record, it's not easy to post while your cat is sitting on your mouse pad...

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