Friday, January 23, 2015


Mom's been very busy with her feral colony lately so I volunteered to step in and guest post for her. I decided to write about my favorite subject - the best places to sleep.

I have quite a few favorite spots to catch my Zzz. Artie's bed is a great place to nap during the day although I generally will take my early morning beauty rest on Mom's recliner until she wakes up then I move to Artie's bed. The foot of the bed is the best spot. Artie prepares it with my red and black quilted mat. It's my very own special place in his room.

When the sun is nice and bright during the late morning I will follow it around Mom's bedroom. I can relax on a big fluffy seat cushion on Mom's old-fashioned ladder-back chair moving to various spots on Mom's bed as the sun moves about the room. If Annie has the sunny spot I'll just stand over her until she decides to move - that's always a lot of fun, I just love to upset Annie. Of course, the most comfy spot on Mom's bed is where I can rest my head on her pillow. Sometimes I'll just lounge on one of the blankets Mom sewed especially for me. She does exactly what Artie does and spreads it out nicely at the foot of the bed.

My head on Mom's pillow.
After Artie comes home from work I'll rest on my reclining cardboard scratcher or relax on the couch. After all it's evening. Evening is family time and I like to spend time with mine. But the place I consider the best where I really can't wait to sleep is (you guessed it) my Mom's lap.

Family time resting on the couch.

Mom's lap - the best spot of all!

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