Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This Labor Day weekend had to be the most uncomfortable one on record (or at least the most uncomfortable I remember). Besides the heat and humidity we had quick showers that wet everything down but did absolutely nothing to lower the temperature.

Annie enjoyed lounging around in the air conditioned apartment and taking frequent trips to the back porch to see it any other animals were about. Orphée positioned himself in front on the air conditioner so the stream of cold air would pass above him. Otherwise he occupied the chair by the window waiting for the strays to come by or reclined on my bed for a nap.

They strays kept to their schedules coming and going between bursts of rain.  I know this because the food disappeared not because I saw any of them. It's been a few days now since I've seen Porch Guy but that's not unusual when the weather isn't good.

And what did I do? I immersed myself in such exciting projects as mending clothes, ironing and cooking in addition to my usual activities - watching TV (the MDA Telethon) movies and reading. So Labor Day weekend was uneventful, spent inside but enjoyed in any event. 

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