Wednesday, September 10, 2014


If anyone thinks I'm just involved in animal related activities, please think again. I have other interests not covered in this blog. However, today I've decided to stretch the limits of my blog by using horses as the connection to another subject dear to my heart - Coney Island.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Coney Island was a huge part of my life - it still is. Green-Wood Cemetery is hosting an exhibit about William F. Mangels, The Wizard of West 8th Street and the man responsible for inventing rides and amusements synonymous with the golden era of amusement parks.

Docents are available during exhibit hours to show guests around the exhibit, give talks and answer questions. This is a great opportunity for me to do what I enjoy most - talk incessantly about Coney Island & Green-Wood Cemetery!

To prepare for this, the docents were given a brief tour of Mangels-related Coney Island spots and the Coney Island History Project. Of course I took photos so let's start with horse-related images:

An original Steeplechase Horse.

Definitely not a carousel horse!

Although the Steeplechase Horse Ride was not designed by William F. Mangels, the horses were synonymous with Coney Island and the highlight of Steeplechase Park. Reminiscent of the real Steeplechase, the track setup went around the outside of the park. The horses moved at a brisk pace. Because of the speed I only rode the horses once, the final day Steeplechase Park was open before it ceased operation forever.

The Mangels Company developed the following ride which after 65 years is still in operation at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park- the Pony Charts.

A fond memory for every Brooklyn kid.

Beautifully maintained and still going strong after 65 years.

Off the Boardwalk at Deno's Amusement Park.

The Mangels Exhibit features a beautifully carved carousel horse studded with jewels and a flowing tail of real hair.

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