Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Yesterday started very early with a 9 AM visit to veterinary emergency for Annie's appointment with her Ophthalmologist for yet another follow-up.

The weather was dreary and a bit rainy but that didn't stop Annie's whining and crying as she waited impatiently for the radio car. Still more whining and crying during the ride as Annie sat on my lap looking for dogs, cats, birds and babies. We arrived to a quiet office and were ushered into an examining room without a long wait.

Happy to see everyone, Annie was very good and patient during the exam even staying extra still for her glaucoma test. The doctor was pleased with the results, there wasn't any active inflammation, everything was normal. The doctor lowered the eye-drops to one drop once a day and scheduled the next visit in two months' time. We made the next appoint for June and it will be a double-header, seeing both the Ophthalmologist and the Oncologist on the same day.

By the time we left a little more than an hour after our appointment there was a steady drizzle. More whining and crying on the way home but Annie surprised me by quietly going in without the usual insistence on a walk. The doctor had commented on her being more quiet than usual. I guess my girl is getting older and slowing down. That's OK she'll always be my girl and I'm thankful our decision to go with the surgery was the right one.

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