Sunday, April 6, 2014


Annie's refusal to eat came to a head this week causing myself and Artie unending worry and concern. She refused all food for two days, sleeping constantly and appearing very subdued. Yesterday during her late morning walk Annie regurgitated bile then later on mucus. That was enough for me, I made a doctor appointment for the same day.

During our car trip and at the Doctor's Annie was more animated although slightly less than usual. A full exam was conducted and blood/urine samples taken. Annie was given an anti-nausea shot. Once home she slept for the remainder of the day as well as most of Saturday. 

A sonogram was scheduled tentatively for today with the proviso to cancel if she improved; if Annie vomited after receiving the shot the ultrasound had to be done. She's been eating and keeping her food down but she is still reluctant to consume her meals. Her overall behavior improved. She is more herself. The sonogram was cancelled but I'm not completely convinced we're out of the woods yet.

I've not written about this but during December I started to transition Annie over to a raw diet feeding her freeze dried raw food. The diet transition went off without incident and even though I wasn't completely comfortable feeding raw, I did see immediate positive changes. Annie's coat became lustrous and soft, it no longer felt greasy. Her body lost that 'doggie smell' and she no longer had bad breath. She slimmed down without a diet - all great pluses. 

About two weeks ago, Annie began shying away from her raw diet. After much discussion with her doctor, we decided I should go back to cooking for her adding two or three raw patties to each meal. Annie did well for a couple of meals with one or two patties added back. Today's breakfast I increased the patties to three but that did not go over well. My thoughts now are that for whatever reason Annie no longer likes the raw diet and I need to return to cooking with the addition of one possibly two patties to each meal.

Only time will let me know what is going on.

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