Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today is April 2 - one year since Buddy lost his battle with renal failure. With Annie's health issues and Orphée's rescue, neuter and FIV+ status, I neglected to mark Buddy's March anniversary.

It's been an unbelievable year.  Who would have thought a scant 12 months later we would rescue another cat only to have to deal with FIV or that Annie would undergo two cancer surgeries? Did I think I would be taking care of a feral colony or that I would even consider doing so?

Many changes in such a short time. One thing will never change - how much I miss Buddy. I was not a lover of cats before my little man came into my life. He really exhibited the best of feline qualities. I miss conversing with him. For every sentence I uttered he had an answering meow. He was extremely generous with his kisses and he loved to cuddle. Our games of 'Tip-your-head-give-me-a-kiss' I truly miss. Being a cat, he was demanding but in a decidedly non-annoying way.

Of course, I love Orphée but it's not the same. Orphée is not Buddy; he's Orphée a distinct personality and we are still feeling our way towards a relaxed relationship.

So Buddy I mark your one-year anniversary with a sense of loss and sadness but I turn towards the next year with hope that I can do for Annie and Orphée what I did for you; give them both long, healthy lives in spite of their health issues.

Buddy in his favorite spot.

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