Friday, April 12, 2013


The work week has gotten away from me as so many of my work weeks do.  There's never enough time for everything that needs to be done or everyone that needs my attention. Grateful as I am that Annie is healthy once again, Orphée is adjusting nicely and the outside gang keeps showing up regularly for meals the reality is tending to all their needs takes up quite a bit of time.

The remainder of my time is taken up with all the other chores one needs to tackle in life - cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, paying bills as well as projects we set for ourselves such as organizing paperwork, eliminating clutter and re-organizing our living space for efficiency's sake. None of these items are easy tasks nor are they accomplished in a short amount of time. So is it any wonder that I generally fall asleep in front of the TV while watching the news or a movie? Or worse yet, while reading a book? Sometimes I yearn for Hermione Granger's Time Turner so I can cram 48 hours into 24.

On the furry front we have had some definite progress. Orphée isn't hissing at Annie anymore nor is he taking any swipes at her. Yesterday evening was a definite milestone. While Annie was sprawled out on the couch, Orphée sniffed her, jumped up, settled down and used her forearm as a pillow. Annie decided to curl up when Orphée got up re-positioning himself by backing his butt into Annie's butt. They both fell asleep in that position. Neither of them pay attention to any food bowls except their own although they do sneak an occasional drink from the other's water.

The biggest breakthrough happened a few days ago when Annie started to play and broke out into a run. She ran right up to Orphée stopping dead in her tracks. Orphée held his ground; they both leaned in to smell each other's noses and that was it! Annie's bursts of energy are no longer an issue for Orphée.

This is great progress although Orphée has a long way to go before he's completely acclimated. There are many strange, unnerving sights and sounds that are part of indoor living. Just when I think we are on an even keel, something unexpected scares poor Orphée and I'm left to wonder what's going on. But those incidents are the subject of another post.

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