Friday, January 18, 2013


The cat has a name! We settled on Orphée, the French pronunciation of Orpheus. The tale of Orpheus, the Greek musician, poet and prophet, going into the underworld to bring his wife back to the living after her death, fascinated French filmmaker Jean Cocteau who turned it into a film starring Jean Marais.

The cat, in his demeanor, expression and looks, resembles The Beast in Cocteau's Beauty and The Beast. Beast was our first choice for a name; our second was Marais but both seemed not to fit. Orphée seemed appropriate for its connection to Jean Marais and Orphée s story of coming back from the underworld. Our furry Orphée bears an uncanny resemblance to Buddy. 

Beauty and The Beast and Orpheus are wonderful films. Both are listed in IMDB.

To see our Orphée's resemblance to The Beast watch both YouTube excerpts from Beauty and The Beast:

Orphée - look at Buddy's picture on his memorial page to see the resemblance.


  1. Great name! And very appropriate. He has such a world-weary look (at least in this photo). It's pretty funny how you saw the connection to "The Beast." Does he meow in French? : )

    1. Actually, he meows in cat with a slight trace of a Brooklyn accent. Seriously, Orphee's personality is different from Buddy. He seems aloof and regal in his demeanor and yes a bit world-weary. He's definitely not as talkative as Buddy either. And our relationship is still a bit tenuous.

  2. I agree! I love the name!!! He's so beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful is definitely the word to describe his looks.