Saturday, January 12, 2013


It's been a long time since my last post. It was not my intent to allow so much time to lapse between posts. The one-two punch of Annie's surgeries and the cat's FIV+ diagnosis were one medical issue too many to deal with at once. Artie and I both are still in recovery mode; so are Annie and the cat but I believe the furry members of this family are faring better than the human ones.

The cat's bite wound is healing nicely; he has finished his course of antibiotics.  One round of flea medicine needs to be administered in a few weeks. On to the worms, of course, we are dealing with two different kinds. One is handled by a pill but the other required two syringe doses of some yellow medication administered 14 days apart. We did get the first dosage into him over a two-day period by adding it to his meals. Better in the food than to further stress out an FIV+ feline. Next week we administer the second dose.

He didn't like the litter we were using so he wet a couple of rags we gave him to sleep on. He seems to prefer newspaper. For now, we are using old newspapers in the litter box and he's content to use them.

The front hallway where he's been hanging out is starting to lose its appeal. For the first time today, he ventured into my apartment to explore, the sight of Annie sending him scurrying back to the hallway and the perceived safety of the hallway stairs.

Annie is slowly recovering. Her ongoing health crisis will take a few posts and I will be documenting her story in the coming days.

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