Friday, December 6, 2019


Because of the holiday season, I haven't focused much on the news so I was stunned and saddened to learn Lil' Bub passed away December 1st.

To say she was adorable is an understatement. Bub captured the hearts of so many people. Her presence on this earth had a profound impact. She became the poster child of special needs animals, bringing awareness of challenged animals in need of responsible pet parents. Bub certainly proved pets can and do live happy, active lives in spite of their medical issues and disabilities.

Bub brought a lot of joy to people through her pictures, videos, books and appearances. Most of all she raised money for a host of animal shelters.

To her human family I want to say 'Thank You!' for sharing Lil' Bub with us. You took great care of her. You gave Bub eight wonderful years she wouldn't have had if she didn't belong to you and you made the world a brighter place by taking us all along for the ride.

Rest in Peace, Lil' Bub. I'm gonna miss you.

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