Sunday, October 29, 2017


What happened to the year?  It seems we've just about finished with flea season and wouldn't you know it Halloween is just days away.

We're ready for it - Belle is in (a story for another day). This year I won't have to worry about her safety. Handsome is living with me on a permanent basis only to be confined to the inner hallway when I'm out for a long stretch of time. He's a cat after all, he will never learn the dangers of climbing certain places so this restriction is for his safety as well as that of Annie, Orphée, my belongings and the house in general. Orphée on the other hand is a couch potato. The highest vantage point he enjoys is the back of the recliner. As far as Belle is concerned, she's confined to 2 rooms and a long hallway so there's no way of knowing how much climbing she will do until she's integrated into the family.

As I've mentioned in years past, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I guess dress-up was the most attractive part of it, getting to be someone or something you could never be. Plus all the goodies you could have that you couldn't have if it wasn't Halloween, the imaginative decorations and the whole trick or treating thing.

This year we will do our usual - make comfort food, listen to Halloween songs and watch a few scary movies as we relax with Annie, the boys and Belle.

Enjoy the holiday but don't forget to keep your furry family members safe and secure. To brush up on the best way to keep your pets safe just search my website using the word "Halloween" then read my previous years' posts on this subject.

This year I found a great post on "Money Talks News". Follow the link to read up on their suggestions for a stress-free Halloween:

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