Monday, March 30, 2015


We examine Annie for lumps on a monthly basis.  She has numerous fatty tumors which need to be monitored. Her routine check at the end of January turned up one lump on her right side just below the rib cage that wasn't free moving under the skin but anchored.

Inclement weather postponed her doctor visit by one week. We went to the Oncologist for a needle aspiration in early February. They found spindle cells. Annie had cancer. We wasted no time arranging a meeting with the surgeon for the following day. After that meeting Annie remained for surgery. The surgical site was huge and her bruising was more extensive than her previous surgery prompting the surgeon to hold her for two days instead of overnight.

Our girl was so happy to come home.  Armed with medicine and instructions on how to care for her, I began a regimen of warm compresses, meds, and making sure the surgical site remained clean along with keeping Annie from licking or scratching it.  I was instructed to have her wear a tee shirt. Trying to get Annie to keep a shirt on was an impossibility. She kept wriggling out of them.  After trying four different tees each with a different neckline I gave up.

We were very nervous as to the outcome.  In ten days her stitches would be removed but we now had to wait seven days for the biopsy results. We feared the news would not be good.

Annie's surgery.

Annie wearing my good cotton tee shirt.

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