Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Everyone who saw Porch Guy figured he had some sort of eye infection but deep down inside I felt something else was happening.  Have you ever experienced a time when you wished you weren't right? This was one of those times.

We took Porchie, now renamed Mr. Handsome, to a Brooklyn veterinarian who works with ferals and strays. Corneal ulcers most likely caused by Entropion was the diagnosis. I searched the web for information on this condition which PetMD explains very well:

Mr. Handsome needed eye-drops but we couldn't get him to hold still long enough to administer the meds the end result being the drops went everywhere but in his eyes. As a late January blizzard started Mr. Handsome went with me to another veterinary hospital for an exam and medical boarding. At the end of seven days the ulcers were healed.

Home he came and off we went to the original doctor for a re-check. The diagnosis - definitely Entropion of both lower eyelids with surgery needed to correct the condition to prevent a recurrence.

Meanwhile, Annie was still depressed, Orphée continued having the occasional accident and we were still trying to identify a pet parent for Inkspot the remaining kitten. Inkspot was not thrilled to have another cat taking over the second cage he inherited from his brother and sisters nor was he thrilled to be sharing his space.

He vacated his little room never crossing the threshold, abandoning his cage, litter box, bowls and his bed! After a day of this nonsense we moved all his possessions to the kitchen where he retreated setting him up there. This made Inkspot very happy and gave us a bit of relief. Every so often he would peek into his former room to stare, growl and hiss at Mr. Handsome before running away.

Inkspot's video was generating a good amount of potential adopters but it meant more time spent emailing, reviewing applications, doing phone interviews and setting up visits. By now I was at my wits' end when the perfect candidate for Inkspot contacted me. Just reading her emails told me they would be soul mates - the brave little boy with a rough start in life and the wonderful woman willing to open her heart to an orphan after the recent loss of her beloved cat. The adoption process went smoothly and Inkspot went to his new home.

With surgery scheduled for two weeks from his follow-up visit, Mr. Handsome's eye issues were slowly coming back. Finally the day of surgery arrived and with it more snow plus single digit temperatures. Again we went to our appointment accompanied by snow. The surgery went well and Mr. Handsome came home the same afternoon.

You would think this was the end of all the running around and drama but not by a long shot. Something totally unexpected and devastating happened after Inkspot's adoption and before Mr. Handsome's eye surgery...

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