Friday, August 1, 2014


A few days back, a pit bull was thrown from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Kind-hearted, dog-loving Brooklynites rushed to care for the injured pooch who was bleeding from the mouth. The Good Samaritans gave the dog water then drove him to Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group in Cobble Hill (VERG, where Annie has her Ophthalmologist and Oncologist appointments). 

The incident has been all over the news since it happened 6:30 PM Tuesday. The pittie is adorable and by all accounts possessed of a sweet personality. He suffered a broken leg and collapsed lung from his 30 ft. plunge. Police at the 94th Precinct investigated and tonight's news gave us the real facts as they emerged.

Wookie slipped his collar running at full speed away from his owner, Oliver Rivera. After calling shelters he came across a news article about a dog thrown from the BQE. He then called VERG. Wookie was reunited with his owner but needed to stay a bit longer in the hospital. Meanwhile a tips number was given for anyone with information about what happened to contact the police.

A young woman who was in a taxi on the BQE and witnessed the incident came forward to describe seeing an agitated dog running on the BQE when suddenly the dog jumped over the railing. No one threw him from the expressway. This tale has a happy ending. Man and dog are reunited, no cruelty happened, miraculously, Wookie survived his fall with minor injuries and as usual Brooklynites (New Yorkers) proved how we all come together when one of us is in need.

It was just another day in New York City; just another day in Brooklyn.
Pitbull tossed from expressway reunited with owner
Wookie with helpiing hands at Verg. (Photo by Angel Chevrestt)

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