Monday, June 19, 2017


I can't believe I haven't posted since last September but so much has gone on since then. We are a more cohesive family now.

For the past three weeks Handsome has become more serene, is now wearing a collar and has been spending 24 hours a day at my place with Annie and Orphee. Prior to this development, I had to leave him at Artie's for long periods of time when I cooked (just couldn't trust him to stay off the stove) or when I needed to go out.  Handsome has (or rather had) a nasty habit of 'attacking' Orphee when I wasn't looking. I know that sounds bad. In reality he just wanted to play but with his tendency to play rough the end result would be I'd hear Orphee squealing and off I'd go to referee. Handsome's finally realized he needed to put the brakes on really rough play and Orphee learned to defend himself resulting in normal play time.

Handsome loves Annie. He head butts her, rubs up against her and smells her paws when she's sleeping. She is less wary of him than when he first came to live with us. All of this took more than a year but miraculously everything just fell into place.

For the first time in a long time I can plan to bring Belle in to live permanently. That too was delayed more than a year because of the need to keep Handsome separated when he couldn't be supervised. I'm hoping to have Belle indoors in a month's time at the earliest; at the latest before fall sets in.

Belle "I'm on the outside looking in."
Finally getting along.

Annie catching up on her beauty sleep.

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